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he Brother Cadfael television ran for four series and incorporated thirteen stories from the 20 main novels, all episodes were 90 minutes long.

Click on the cast list for a list of the episodes and their main cast.

The acclaimed actor Sir Derek Jacobi stars as the mediaeval sleuth.

The episodes were produced by Central and filmed on location at a permanent set in the countryside around Budapest, Hungary and with permanent sets built at the Fox studios outside the capital. (Incidently, the Cadfael sets were used in the 1998 Disney production A Knight In Camalot, starring Woopie Goldberg and Michael York.)

Cadfael now available on DVD.

For those of looking for Cadfael on DVD, you can now get the complete series in a boxset. Extras include commentary by Derek Jacobi himself.

To the right is the first picture that I have seen of Cadfael, played as ever by Derek Jacobi, and his friend the Sheriff Beringar, now being played by the actor Anthony Green. The acress Louise Delamere plays the slave girl Daalny.

Here's a snippet of news from the 4th series, published in late 1997...

Cadfael resumes the habit in Budapest
October 9, 1997

Filming begins in Hungary next week for three new CADFAEL films.
Sir Derek Jacobi stars as the 12th century monk of Shrewsbury, in the 90-minute adaptations of Ellis Peters' books. Returning as regular cast members are Michael Culver, Terrence Hardiman and Julian Firth. Anthony Green will play the role of sheriff Hugh Beringar.
The new films are The Holy Thief, adapted by Ben Rostul, The Potter's Field, with a screenplay by Christopher Russell, and The Pilgrim Of Hate, which has been dramatised by Richard Stoneman. Ken Grieve will direct The Holy Thief and The Pilgrim Of Hate, with Mary McMurray directing The Potter's Field.
The cast for The Holy Thief includes Louise Delamere, Benedict Sandiford, Frank Baker, George Irvine, Neil Caple, Alexis Denisof, Natasha Pyne and Jonathan Tafler.
The three new films will be seen on ITV in 1998. Stephen Smallwood, who has produced all 10 CADFAEL films to date, returns to produce his new series. Executive producer is Rob Pursey, who was recently promoted to the post in Carlton's drama department.
CADFAEL, a Central programme, was first seen on ITV in 1994, and the three most recent films were screened in August. Filming of the new series continues until mid- December.

Scene from 'The Holy Thief'

Written by SteveC