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his page has been suggested by Randy Schum who wanted to see some quotes from the books and TV series. If you want to add your own favourite quote, just mail me with the quote. Don't forget to include which story or TV episode the quote came from!
"Give your love freely and look for nothing in return.  No man is measured by the love he gives to others, but by how much he is loved."

"Under the certainty of heaven all that we can be sure of is tomorrow. When yesterday is already ours, what more can we ask?"

Both taken from the TV episode "Monks Hood" suggested by Randy Schum

"I hope I never do anything without due thought - even if the thought sometimes has to shift its feet pretty briskly to keep up with the deed" - Cadfael to Hugh Beringar after Hugh asks Cadfael's help and hopes that Cadfael would not refuse after giving "due thought". 
taken from the book story "One Corpse Too Many" suggested by Richard Bouchard

"There is no profit in ifs.We go on from where we stand, we answer for our own evil, and leave to God our good." Cadfael said that to Ermina Hugonin in "The Virgin in the Ice" suggested by Marita

"For even the pursuit of perfection may be sin, if it infringes the rights and needs of another soul. Better to fail a little, by turning aside to lift up another, than to pass by him in haste to reach our own reward, and leave him to solitude and despair. Better to labour in lameness, in fallibility, but holding up others who falter, than to stride forward alone."
Part of Abbot Radulfus's sermon at the funeral of Father Ailnoth from the book "The Raven in the Foregate" suggested by Me!

Happiness, thought Cadfael, watching him, consists in small things, not in great.   It is the small things we remember, when time and mortality close in, and by small landmarks we may make our way at last humbly into another world.
Taken from the story "An Excellent Mystery" and suggested by Mike

  "A blind eye is the easiest thing in the world to turn on whatever is troublesome."
"Beware how you pass judgement on your superiors at least until you know
how to put yourself in their place and see from their view."

Both taken from "Monk's Hood" and suggested by Richard Bouchard

"Penitence is in the heart, not in words". 
This was said by Cadfael to Emma Vernold (niece to a murdered, visiting merchant) in "St Peter's Fair". Suggested by Jo Garner (say Hi to your school librarian  for me :-) )  

Cadfael: "Remember my Lord De Masad. God sees not with the eyes of man. Man only beholds the outward appearance, God looks on the heart."
Lazarus: "And he shall find it here."
Cadfael: "And he shall find it beautiful, as I do."

-Cadfael to Lazarus the Leper(in reality the crusader Lord Gima De Masad), from "The Leper of St. Giles"  

"Then he is king in name only, and not worthy of your loyalty. If I were to make such a choice, in all conscience. Out of love?.....I trust my king would forgive me.....Because he knows that in the final reckoning, were all of us our heart."

Cadfael to Hugh Berengar, from "St. Peters Fair"  

Hugh: "Old friend, I doubt even you could bring Susanna into the fold among the lambs. Now she chose her way, and it's taken her far out of the reach of man's mercy. Oh, and I suppose you'll tell me that God's reach is longer than man's."
Cadfael: "It had better be, otherwise were all lost."

Cadfael to Hugh Berengar, from "The Sanctuary Sparrow"  

"Oh yes. And not merely from atonement and weariness. In middle life, you may stop and look upon inside yourself and wonder, what now? I was right for change, and I find that change refreshing."

Cadfael to Merriot from "The Devils Novice"

Above four quotes suggested by Brother Horacio Makabenta

"More than that, Father", said Luc. "I have learned that in God's hand vengeance is safe. However long delayed, however strangely manifested, the reckoning is sure".
From "The Pilgrim of Hate"  

"But God's justice, if it makes no haste, makes no mistakes".
Cadfael, from "The Potter's Field"

Both the above suggested by Joanne Smith  

''Poison is not a weapon of rage or impulse. Poison is is pre-meditated..and it requires very little physical strength.''

Cadfael to Lady Astola in ''The Potter's Field''  

''Nothing about these pitiful remains to show me who, or how...or WHY!''
-Cadfael as he stands in the abbey's morgue beside the skeleton of the person Brother Jerome believes to be Gennerys, former wife of Brother Ruald in the TV episode, ''The Potter's Field''

Both the above suggested by Carla Golden

''So in this end there is a begining, and that is as it should be''
-Cadfael to Hugh Beringer in the last scene of "One Corpse Too Many" Suggested by Chuck Galloway  

"You might as well suggest the earth moves around the sun with as little proof!"
Hugh Beringar, when Brother Jerome suggests that Oswin killed sister Hilaria. Taken from the TV episode "The Virgin in the Ice " suggested by Anna Curran  

"Father, I welcome whatever penance may be laid upon me. I want no light absolution. My will is to pay in full for all my sins."
Brother Jerome From "The Holy Thief" suggested by Karen Campbell

"Despair is a deadly sin, but worse it is mortal folly. The number of your friends is legion, and God is looking your way as attentively as ever he did. And all you have to do to deserve is to wait in patience, and keep up your heart."
Cadfaelf to Meriet Aspley in "The Devil's Novice" suggested by Leslie M. Hartten  

Olivier: "I think I have the better of you Brother."
Cadfael: "And I think we would both have died!"
Olivier: "You're quick for an old man!"
Cadfael: "And you're over careless for a young one. Always beware the unexpected stroke...Olivier."

"This was an unexpected stroke, I never thought, that so marvellous a creature could be in this world with mine and Mariah's blood in his veins. Should I have told him? No, what needs he now of a father, but by your grace I have seen him, I have sat and talked with him of times passed, I have kissed him, I have had cause to be glad of him, and shall have cause to feel glad a life long. What does it matter that these eyes may never see him again? And yet they may."

Both taken from "Virgin in the Ice"

Cadfael: "And this is the man whose cause you choose to follow?"
Beringar: "We make our choices and we stick to them. And you Brother, whose cause do you follow?"
Cadfael: "My monarch is neither Stephen nor Maud, all my life I have serve one King and to him alone will I look for repentance."

Taken from "One Corpse Too Many"

Cadfael: "All questions find their answers if you wait long enough. Is there something here I can help you to? Or are you just curious to learn about these simple herbs of mine?"
Beringar: "No, I can say that it was no simplicity I came to study. They say that you had a wide range in career before joining the cloister. You must find it unbearably dull with no battle or enemy left to fight"
Cadfael: "Well I'm not finding it at all dull these days. And as for enemies... the Devil finds his way into everywhere, ever cloister and Church."

Taken from "One Corpse Too Many"

"But the east was also made up of men and women, and you a young crusader. I cannot but wonder," said Beringar dreamily.
"So, wonder! I also wonder about you," said Cadfael mildly ... "A natural conspirator," said Cadfael, thinking aloud; and that he could do so was proof of a strong, if inimical, bond between them. Beringar turned on him a face suddenly lit by a wild smile." One knows another," he said.

Taken from "One Corpse Too Many"

"And I have been commiserating with you," gasped Beringar, wiping tears from his eyes with the back of his hand, like a child, " all this time, while you had this in store for me! What a fool I was, to think I could out-trick you, when I almost had your measure even then."
"Here, drink this down," urged Cadfael, offering the beaker he had filled. "To your own better success- with all opponents but Cadfael!"

Taken from "One Corpse Too Many

The trouble with me, he thought unhappily, is that I have been about the world long enough to know that God's plans for us, however infallibly good, may not take the form that we expect and demand. And I find immense potential for rebellion in this old heart, if God, for no matter what perfect end, choose to take Hugh Beringar out of this world and leave Adam Courcelle in it.
Taken from "One Corpse Too Many"

"I knew," he said, " that you would not fail me."
"See to it," said Cadfael morosely, " that you don't fail me."
"No dread," said Hugh, "I'm shriven white as a March lamb." His voice was even and reflective. "I shall never be readier. And your arm will be seconding mine."
At every stroke, thought Cadfael.
Taken from "One Corpse Too Many"

"No man," said Cadfael firmly, "plays with Hugh Beringar with impunity."
Taken from "One Corpse Too Many"

"No need," said Cadfael, "for you ever to look over your shoulder, or feel any compunction. You did the work that fell to you, and did it well. God disposes all. From the highest to the lowest extreme of a man's scope, wherever justice and retribution can reach him, so can grace."

Taken from "One Corpse Too Many"

Cadfael: "I often think that the senses are the gateway to the soul; we should celebrate them more."
Avice: "That sounds almost heretical, Cadfael."
Cadfael: "Oh, sometimes I like to put the sand of doubt into the oyster of my faith."
Taken from "The Leper of St. Giles

Hugh: "Old friend, I doubt even you could bring Susanna into the fold among the lambs. Now she chose her way, and it's taken her far out of the reach of man's mercy. Oh, and now I suppose you'll tell me take God's reach is longer than man's."
Cadfael: "It had better be, otherwise we're all lost."
Taken from "The Sanctuary Sparrow"

Cadfael: "We deal with what is, leave what might have been to eyes that see it plain."
Hugh: "And none see plainer than yours. Yet at first I do believe you mistook me for a villain!"
Cadfael: "I think we mistook each other."
Hugh: "I would know more of you Cadfael, in this new town of mine I shall need a good friend, and I could look for none better than a rare Benedictine."
Cadfael: "So in this end there is a beginning also, and that is as it should be."
Cadfael to Hugh Beringar in the last scene of "One Corpse Too Many"

All the above suggested by Hannah.

"Great age is no blessing when the body's strength outlives the mind."

From "Dead Man's Ransom" suggested by Jan

Emma Vernold accompanied by Brother Cadfael is on her way to arrange for a coffin to be made for her uncle, lately murdered. She says in angry grief, against the murderer who deprived her uncle of confession and absolution.
"He died unshriven" Cadfael replies;
"Through no fault of his own. So do many. So have saints, martyred without warning. God knows the record without needing word or gesture. It's for the soul facing death that the want of shriving is pain. The soul gone beyond knows that pain for needless vanity. Penitence is in the heart, not in the words spoken"

Again, comforting Brother Mark who questions the recent violent deaths of those implicated in murder.
" It (death) falls upon blameless women in war, even in peace at the hands of evil men. It falls on children who never did harm to any, upon old men who in their lives have done good to many, and yet are brutally and senselessly slain.Never let it shakeyour faith that there is a balance hereafter. What you see is only a broken piece out of a perfect whole...."
"And Unshriven!" cried Brother Mark.
"...there's many a man gone through that gate without a safe-conduct, who will reach Heaven ahead of some who were escorted through with absolution and ceremony, and had their affairs in order. Kings and Princes of the Church may find shepherds and serfs preferred before them, and some who claim they have done great good, may have to give place to poor wretches who have done wrong and acknowledge it, and have tried to make amends." -
From "St Peters Fair" suggested by Georgina Protheroe-Beynon

"He prayed as he breathed, forming no words and making no specific requests, only holding in his heart, like broken birds in cupped hands, all those people who were in stress or in grief because of this little saint, for if he suffered like this for their sake, how much more must she feel for them?"
From the book "A Morbid Taste for Bones" suggested by Mary Helene Mele  

"Hugh Beringer says to Cadfael: 'You will miss her." It was said with brisk but genuine sympathy....."Like a fibre gone from my heart,' owned Brother Cadfael.... "

From the book "One Corpse Too Many" suggested by Susan Greig, Canada  

"Never let it shake your faith.......... What you see is only a broken piece from a perfect whole. "

From the book "The Potters Field" suggested by P. O'Donnell., New Zealand

Written by SteveC