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ISBN : 0-7515-2081-0
First published in the UK 1997
Published in the UK by Warner Futura

  • The Holy Thief

    First Published 1992

    At the height of the hot summer of 1144, the Earl of Essex succumbs to a fatal arrow - but only after a lingering fever during which his officials do their best to save him from hellfire by restoring properties he has annexed, including the abbey of Ramsey. The abbey is in such a sorry state that a call for help in restoring it goes out to all the houses of the Benedictine Order. But when heavy rains bring the threat of floods to Shrewsbury, and the holy relics must be removed to a place of safety, the subsiding waters reveal a robbery has been committed. The master sleuthing of Brother Cadfael is put to the test once more, but to the crime of theft is soon added a murder...

  • Brother Cadfael's Penance

    First Published 1994

    In the year of our Lord 1145, the bitter rift between King Stephen and Empress Maud at last has a chance for reconciliation. A council takes place between the two sides that is hoped will resolve the question of prisoners of war. Brother Cadfael, ensconced in his herb garden at the Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, seeks leave to attend the crucial meeting. For he has learned that among the prisoners is one Oliver de Bretagne, a young man who calls upon loyalties even higher than Cadfael's monastic vows.'Before I was a brother I was a father,' Cadfael observes, and his determination to come to his son's aid prompts a perplexing investigation of a uniquely personal nature.

  • A Rare Banedictine

    First Published 1988

    'A Light On The Road To Woodstock'
    'The Price of Light'
    'Eye Witness'
    In these three vintage tales of intrigue and treachery, emerge the events that turned Cadfael from a crusading and seafaring past to the momentous decision of entering the Benedictine Order in the Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul at Shrewsbury. This is the story of Cadfael's conversion in the autumn of 1120. 'What happends to him on the road to Woodstock is simply the acceptance of a revelation from within that the life he has lived to date, active, mobile and often violent, has reached it's natural end, and he is confronted by a new need and a different challenge.'

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