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ISBN : 0-7515-0949-3
First published in the UK 1994
Published in the UK by Warner Futura

  • The Rose Rent

    First Published 1986

    A young woman, recently widowed, bestows one of her properties on the Abbey of Shrewsbury. In return she expects payment: an annual rent of a single rose, to be delivered on the day of translation of St Winifred. But such a beautiful woman, and with such a substantial dowry, is an attractive proposition for would-be suitors ... and even more so if the house should revert to her. Someone will stop at nothing to prevent payment of the rose- not even murder. To Brother Cadfael, as ever, falls the enquiry into this sensational crime.

  • The Hermit Of Eyton

    First Published 1987

    Ten-vear-old Richard Ludel has, rather reluctantly, become the new Lord of Eaton following the death of his father. With the position come the inevitable burdens of responsibility, among them the expectation that young Richard will make a marriage of convenience. But Richard has his own ideas, and befriends the young companion of Cuthred the hermit, who has recently taken up residence in Eyton Forest. It is a peaceful place but its tranquillity is rudely shattered by the discovery of a corpse, forcing Brother Cadfael to leave his treasured herb garden and begin his quest to solve the mystery and track down a ruthless killer.

  • The Confession Of Brother Haluin

    First Published 1988

    A harsh winter, and the roof of the Benedictine Abbey of St Peter and St Paul threatens to give way under the weight of snow. Brother Haluin, working on the necessary repairs in treacherous conditions, slips from the roof and sustains such grave injuries that he makes his deathbed confession to the Abbot and Brother Cadfael. But Haluin recovers, and in order to atone for his sins he sets out on an arduous journey of expiation, with Cadfael as his sole companion. It is a journey which leads to some shocking revelations, and eventually to murder...

Written by SteveC