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ISBN : 0-7515-0729-6
First published in the UK 1991
Published in the UK by Warner Futura

  • Saint Peter's Fair

    First Published 1981

    The great annual Fair of Saint Peter at Shrewsbury, a high point in the city's calendar, attracts merchants from far and wide to do business. But when an unseemly quarrel breaks out between the local burghers and the monks from the Benedictine monastery, a riot ensues. Afterwards a merchant is found dead - and Brother Cadfael is summoned from his peaceful monastery herb-garden to test his skills as a detective once more.

  • The Leper Of Saint Giles

    First Published 1981

    A marriage has been arranged between an ageing nobleman and a very young woman, ill-matched as January and May, but coerced by greedy guardians. Both parties arrive in Shrewsbury, with escorts suitable to their rank. A savage killing calls Brother Cadfael from his herbarium, and leads him to the leper house of Saint Giles - a sanctuary for the sick, but also a possible refuge for the hunted man ...

  • The Virgin In The Ice

    First Published 1982

    Winter 1139, and raging civil war has sent many refugees fleeing north from Worcester, among them two orphans of a noble family and their companion, a nun. But they seem to have disappeared somewhere in the wild winter landscape of frost and snow - and Cadfael sets out to find them.

Written by SteveC