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ISBN : 0-7515-0476-9
First published in the UK 1990
Published in the UK by Warner Futura

  • A Morbid Taste For Bones

    First Published 1977

    In the Twelfth Century, at the Benedictine monastery of Shrewsbury, Brother Cadfael has settled bown to a quiet life in charge of the herbarium after an adventure-filled youth. But when his Prior determines to acquire the bones of a saint from a remote Welsh village, Cadfael's worldly experience bocemes vitally important, since the obsticals to the expedition include murder...

  • One Corpse Too Many

    First Published 1979

    When fighting engulfs Shrewsbury as King Stephen battles for the throne of England, Brother Cadfael is called upon to administer rites to some hanged prisoners. There are, he is told, 94 corpses - but his own careful count reveals 95, and once again, the sleuthing monk is on the trail of a murderer...

  • Monks-Hood

    First Published 1980

    At the monastery in Shrewsbury in 1138, Brother Cadfael's herbarium shelves are richly stocked after a splendid summer. Then one Gervase Bonel, who had planned to leave his valuable manor to the Abbey, is poisoned with Cadfael's own concoction for aching joints. As the monk investigates, he finds a web of family intrigues, where suspicion has fallen on someone he is certain is innocent...

Written by SteveC